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2020 Star Sports Greyhound Derby: The 96 entries

Now it gets serious !! The 9️⃣6️⃣ accepted entries and reserves for the 2020 STAR SPORTS & ARC GREYHOUND DERBY have been confirmed and we can’t wait for the action on the track to begin. It’s been a challenging year for greyhound racing – as with all other sports – but at Star Sports we are delighted and proud to again be sponsors of the flagship greyhound event of the year.


First Rounds: Friday 2 and Saturday 3 October
Second Rounds: Saturday 10 October
Quarter Finals: Saturday 17 October
Semi Finals: Saturday 24 October
Final: Saturday 31 October

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Julie Collier sits down with Nathan Corden & Jason Smith from Nottingham Dogs to discuss this years 2020 Star Sports Greyhound Derby final field of 96:

Lofty (Martin Chapman) is joined by Irish Greyhound Commentator & Journalist Ian Fortune to discuss the Irish line up in this years upcoming 2020 Star Sports & ARC Greyhound Derby

The 9️⃣6️⃣ accepted entries and reserves:

Amka Rofe (Rails) Robert Smith
Antigua Boy (Rails) Mark Wallis
Antigua Romeo (Rails) Mark Wallis
Ardralla Jim (Rails) Tom Heilbron
Ballyard Ricki (Middle) Nathan Hunt
Ballydoyle Valor (Rails) Graham Holland
Ballymac Reece (Rails) Stuart Tighe
Berties Blake (Wide) Carol Grasso
Black Parachute (Rails) Graham Holland
Blackstone Milo (Middle) Ted Soppitt
Blastout Billy (Rails) Richard Yeates
Blue Tick George (Rails) Jim Daly
Bockos Boss (Middle) Kevin Boon
Bockos Doomie (Rails) Patrick Janssens
Bower Luke (Middle) Pat Rosney
Bramble Reggie (Rails) Steve Anderson
Bubbly Bollinger (Rails) Paul Young
Bubbly Magnum (Middle) Paul Young
Calazaghe Sonic (Wide) Kevin Hutton
Catunda Logan (Rails) John McGee
Churchill Holly (Rails) Lynn Cook
Coolavanny Bani (Rails) Angela Harrison
Coolavanny Chick (Wide) Noel Hehir
Darbys Ranger (Middle) Kevin Boon
Deadly Storm (Rails) Gerard McEntee
Deanridge Awesom (Middle) Allison Kelly-Pilgrim
Deanridge Rapid (Rails) Allison Kelly-Pilgrim
Deanridge Sirius (Rails) Allison Kelly-Pilgrim
Deerjet Sydney (Rails) Pat Buckley
Dingys Source (Rails) Paul Shore
Distant Star (Rails) Carol Weatherall
Distant Village (Wide) Matt Dartnall
Doolin Duke (Middle) Pat Buckley
Droopys Addition (Rails) Ernie Gaskin
Droopys Lullaby (Wide) Noel Hehir
Faughan Rebel (Wide) Richard Yeates
Feudal Spirit (Rails) Graham Holland
Final Mad (Rails) Stuart Tighe
Forest Alan (Middle) Seamus Cahill
Forest Gold (Rails) Kevin Hutton
Freedom Mike (Middle) Gary Carmichael
Geelo Josh (Rails) Carl Perry
Glengar Bale (Middle) Pat Buckley
Glenvale Gav (Middle) Sylvia Oakes
Gonzo (Wide) Julie Bateson
Hiya Boyo (Rails) Hayley Keightley
Hopes Bullet (Rails) Mark Wallis
Hopes Doggy (Middle) Mark Wallis
Jazzers Man (Wide) Brian Thompson
Jumeirah Sprite (Rails) Debbie Calvert
Kilara Icon (Rails) Peter Harnden
Kilara Lion (Rails) Patrick Janssens
King Cash (Wide) Liz McNair
King Dylan (Rails) Liz McNair
Knocknaboul Syd (Rails) Pat Buckley
Lastfortheroad (Rails) Paul Burr
Lenson Bocko (Rails) Graham Holland
Lenson Whelan (Rails) Patrick Janssens
Little Emir (Rails) Gary Carmichael
Look Like Power (Rails) Jimmy Fenwick
Master Reed (Rails) Ken Humphries
Mister Brentford (Wide) Matt Dartnall
Moanteen Usyk (Rails) Julie Bateson
Newinn Jacko (Middle) Ernie Gaskin
Newinn Liz (Middle) Ernie Gaskin
Newinn Session (Rails) Graham Holland
Notouttheway (Rails) John Mullins
Paradise McIlroy (Rails) Gary Ferguson
Pennys Fuinseog (Rails) Gary Ferguson
Piemans Typhoon (late Twins Azarro) (Middle) David Mullins
Plaza Lep (Rails) Lynn Cook
Rockmount Ozzy (Rails) John Mullins
Romeo Rumble (Wide) John Mullins
Roxholme Glory (Rails) Hayley Keightley
Roxholme Kristof (Middle) Hayley Keightley
Santro Duke (Wide) James Gaskin
Savana Cody (Rails) Diane Henry
Savana Darn Hot (Rails) Diane Henry
Sharp Darcy (Rails) Seamus Cahill
Smurfs Machine (Middle) Seamus Cahill
Sober Express (Rails) Mark Wallis
Southwood Jet (Rails) Richard Rees
Sparta Master (Middle) Sharon Thompson
Swanley Chick (Rails) John McGee
Swanley Flight (Middle) John McGee
Swift Lettuce (Rails) John Mullins
Tommys Panther (Middle) Tony Collett
Troy Firebird (Wide) David Mullins
Velvet Juliet (Middle) Angela Harrison
Vixons Lad (Rails) Brian Thompson
Waikiki Keano (Rails) James Gaskin
Waikiki Lad (Rails) Ted Soppitt
Waltham Magic (Wide) Angela Harrison
Winetavern Curly (Wide) Ted Soppitt
Wingman (Rails) Ken Humphries
Wolfe (Rails) Graham Holland


Vics Charm (Middle) Jim Reynolds Reserve 1
Chilli Akimbo (Rails) Paul Young Reserve 2
Swift Cope (Middle) Paul Burr Reserve 3
Drumcrow Brent (Wide) Mark Wallis Reserve 4
Vigorous Kevin (Rails) Paul Burr Reserve 5
Paradise Prince (Middle) Nathan Hunt Reserve 6
Waikiki Spy (Middle) James Gaskin Reserve 7
Jakes Magic (Rails) Erica Samuels Reserve 8
Young Princess (Rails) Paul Young Reserve 9
Ballymac Rocker (Middle) James Gaskin Reserve 10
Badminton Conor (Wide) Kevin Hutton Reserve 11
Bramble OliverJ (Middle) Steve Anderson Reserve 12
Bower Jet (Rails) Pat Rosney Reserve 13
Palace Mystery (Rails) Steve Anderson Reserve 14
Deeteedee Merlin (Rails) Kim Billingham Reserve 15
Kibori (Middle) Steve Anderson Reserve 16
Brut Blanc (Middle) Trevor Simmons Reserve 17
Murlens Magda (Middle) Ken Metcalfe Reserve 18
Owley Gunner (Rails) Colin Watson Reserve 19
Deadly Cyclone (Rails) Savva Roberts Reserve 20
Walk On Mo (Middle) Gary Ferguson Reserve 21
Kilrush Jake (Rails) James Gaskin Reserve 22
Droopys Catapult (Rails) Stuart Tighe Reserve 23
Drumcrow Linnet (Middle) Anna Thompson Reserve 24
Freedom Lord (Rails) Gary Carmichael Reserve 25
Shady Diesel (Wide) Sam Atkinson Reserve 26
Great Eastern (Rails) Kevin Hutton Reserve 27
Deeteedee Viper (Rails) Kim Billingham Reserve 28
Piemans King (Rails) David Mullins Reserve 29
Hello Julie (Rails) Tony Taylor Reserve 30
Roedhelm Tiger (Rails) Dave Ambler Reserve 31
Grandslam Champ (Rails) Tony Taylor Reserve 32
Belmore Scholar (Rails) Adrian McPherson Reserve 33
Salacres Ocean (Rails) Peter Harnden Reserve 34

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