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A Grand Party …

On the day that Nigel Farage launched the Brexit Party, he popped into Star Sports, Mayfair to back his party getting the most seats in next month’s European Elections.

He snapped up morning odds of 3/1 at the Star Sports shop in Deanery Street and the official launch later in the day clearly inspired many other punters to do the same – with the odds tumbling to 7/4 on Friday evening.

Nigel Farage arriving at Star Sports in Mayfair to place his bet on Friday morning.

At the launch event in Coventry, it was announced that journalist and Jacob Rees-Mogg’s sister Annunziata would be standing as a candidate.

Farage said: “I genuinely believe right now, this nation, we are lions led by donkeys.

“Not only are our leaders weak, not only have they wilfully betrayed this result, but they are also pretty much incompetent.

“They are not actually very good at what they do, they are not very good at anything.”

Farage took the morning 3/1 which tumbled to 7/4 later in the day

Farage also revealed the party’s web site had brought in £750,000 worth of donations – via, primarily, smaller individual amounts.

Nigel Farage speaking at today’s launch of the Brexit Party in Coventry

The turnout in the last European Parliament elections was about 36%. CLICK HERE to view the latest market.