Arsenal v Everton

STAR EVENT: Arsenal v Everton
Premier League
TIME: 7.45pm

Sod that for a game of soldiers. The two Windsor fancies yesterday finished close – close together in 5th and 6th. With immediate effect it’s back to the football.

There’s nothing worse than end of season mediocrity games with nothing but pride left to play for and they don’t always play for that. At Star Sports we find that type of game the hardest to price up.

However, in fairness tonight we have a cracker at the Emirates…

Everton have two big things to achieve. Firstly, finishing in a lucrative top four Champions League spot and secondly finishing ahead of Liverpool, their neighbours geographically and in the table. With 5 points and a game in hand they are odds on to do the latter but odds against for the former.

Let’s get one thing straight. On the stats you CANNOT back Everton.

You would be taking around 4/1 for something that last happened in 1996.

In terms of goals it’s hard to forecast so we’re sticking with the obvious. An Arsenal win to recover Windsor losses.

(stake between 0.5 and 10 points)
5 point win Arsenal

(-4 points at Windsor)

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