AUTHOR: davidstewart

Ball Boy Gate

Unlike the nation’s press I decided to give “Ball Boy Gate” a week to settle down before having my two penneth; however, the time has come for Mr Hazard to be the main protagonist in this week’s blog.

Thankfully I am neither famous and nor have I an army of readers, therefore I can get away with my controversial opinions!

I find it amazing how people, nations and so called generations evolve. Forty years ago the little s*** would have thought twice about lying on the ball if Norman Hunter was breathing down his neck, two nil down in a cup tie with eight minutes to play. Should he have persisted and wrapped himself all over the ball, Hunter would have simply caved his skull in and the crowd would have applauded en masse. Now, in this nanny state we are forced to live in, Hazard gets more press than the culprits behind the atrocities in Syria!

At the end of the day the kid has one job and that’s to throw the ball back… not difficult. Having chosen to be a wally and lie all over the ball, why be surprised that a team who need to score twice, with time against them, might feel the need to move you?!? Also of note is that Hazard kicked the ball not the ball boy (I am not going to name him as he doesn’t deserve a name check), something no one seems to have mentioned. In conclusion, as you may have noticed, I’m in the Hazard camp on this one.

Now, more importantly for the more imaginative and entrepreneurial amongst us, ‘Ball Boy Gate’ can be viewed as more of a money making exercise than a dull news story. My first thought was to use the kid for some form of entertaining TV commercial, a bit like Pizza Hut one that did so well in the mid 90’s. However, it seemed a bit ‘old hat’ and I wouldn’t have thought many companies worth their salt would want to associate themselves or their brand with this annoying little twerp.

Therefore, Ladies and Gentleman, I am publicly calling out the Frank Warrens and Barry Hearns of this world. The ball boy is seventeen and soon to be a man, not that you would believe it following his heroics last week. Hazard at twenty two would have only been a few years above him at school and at eleven and a half stone not exactly a heavyweight. So Messrs Warren and Hearn, hire out the XL or Wembley Arena, get Sky involved, get a charity onboard and let’s get in on! We could have ourselves a cracking night and something to really talk about rather than the nonsense that went on at the Liberty last week.