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Barcelona v PSG

STAR EVENT: Barcelona v PSG
Premier League
TIME: 7.45pm

As we saw again last night, in extraordinary scenes, it’s “not over until the fat lady sings”.

That saying has its origins in opera when the strongest female diva, who was often large, would end the opera with an aria often lasting some 20 minutes.

We don’t know much about opera but if you’d written the Dortmund v Malaga script for a soap opera last night it would have been dismissed as fantasist.

PSG did the same trick when scoring with the last kick of the game to keep their hopes alive for the trip to the Nou Camp tonight to face the mighty Barcelona on home soil.

The game is poised at 2-2 and the general expectation is that Barcelona will romp this second leg but at Star Sports we’re not so sure.

The two away goals are massively in Barca’s favour in terms of qualifying but tonight’s match (as we saw with Real Madrid last night) could be less certain to predict and games at this stage are seldom as straightforward as they seem.

One of the key things will be of course whether Messi plays – and we are not likely to get that confirmed closer to kick off.

Anything north of 2/1 for PSG with a goal start could make for very interesting viewing. And when the fat lady IS singing. Anything could happen.

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3 points PSG with goal start

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