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BEN KEITH: ‘The walk of shame at Lords’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Male Dept, of The Elderly and Infirm, treated me, this evening, to be his guest, at a special curry night, at Lords. And how enjoyable it was too…

During the depths of Leukaemia, it was keeping his place on the waiting list, to live his dream, that kept the ‘Old Man’ going. And I really did see why. If you haven’t been, you really must. The bars, surrounded by some of the most fabulous portraits you will ever see, are truly atmospheric.

What I like about Lords, most of all, is that it isn’t a social climbing event. It is however, a very sociable and warm place to be. As they restrict membership; to REAL cricket lovers, of any background, only. Not those wanting it, as a corporate perk, or because they were buggered by the right member of the aristocracy, whilst at Harrow! (Like so many other institutions!!)

And guess what? The grub really was superb too. In a panic, I rushed up for some more. However, disaster struck, Blog! As everyone watched on, I was turned away. ‘STRICTLY no seconds, Sir.’ Exposed! A fatty returning to his place, still with an empty plate!!

Curry, a pint, and pud = £15. GREAT VALUE STILL TO BE HAD IN LONDON.

In other news:

darnall‘Paid for by the Wembley bookmakers.’. Yes, I think you know where this one’s going, don’t you, Blog?

Towcester dog-track, has just about finished reverberating, following it’s first, successfully landed, major coup. It’s that man again. The most deadly and feared of them all. With ‘that’ famous sign, ‘Paid for by the Wembley bookmakers’ outside his kennels, designed to send a chill up the back of any bookmaker. 30 years on, he can still do it.

9/2 into 4/5. Always led. Dartnell. DON’T MESS.

Over and out, B x