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BEN KEITH’S BLOG: An ice-lolly for you, M’aam ?!

Blog, I’ve never really been that enamoured by all of her hanger-onners and limp offspring, but I am a huge fan of HRH The Queen. I think that, unlike many senior politicians and judges, she really is in-touch with her people, and has a fabulous ‘common touch’.

Please let me tell you a couple of things I have noticed whilst snooping around London…

When strolling through some of the most high-end neighbour-hoods of the capital, you come across, every few hundred yards, another ‘square’, with adjoining ‘mews’. Both the square and the mews, have access to a large communal, but private garden, in the centre of the location. These gardens are often delightfully kept, and may even too have tree-houses, open spaces, flowered areas, and occasionally as well, little wooden garden-houses in them. BUT, virtually all, have the most silly of notices, saying that dogs are not welcome and children aren’t allowed to play ball games. Well what’s the point having them then?! For old farts to sit decrepit in them, sneering at ‘the youth of today’?!

Not all the gardens of such squares have silly rules plastered around them though, Blog.

The Queen’s don’t.

If you walk past a square owned by ‘The Crown Estate’ there are no such restrictions.

Well done, M’aam!

This week Belindabelle has had a friend to stay, over from Spain. In an effort to look normal and socialised, I offered to take them to Windsor for the day. When we got to the ‘Long Walk’ park, we rested our bones and slumped under a tree, and I, obviously, turned my radar on, to find the nearest ice-cream van. On achieving my mission, I purchased a Magnum Classic for £2.50, and two orange ice-lollies for £1 each. Well, that was certainly a result, and I commented so, to the gentleman selling them! He replied, with a not so happy face, that the Crown Estate set the prices and keep them fair for all.

It’s a bit of a leftie move, but Long Live The Queen!

In other news:

A school dinner-lady has been fired for accidentally serving a Muslim child a gammon steak. As Nigel Farage said; ‘I feel desperately sorry for her. If she’d served gammon to a vegetarian would she have been fired? I think not.’

I hope all of you rascals have been getting stuck in to the many silly concessions the wally corporate firms have been offering you, this week at Glorious Goodwood! The results have certainly gone the punters way. The ‘Punters Pal’ committee, at Star, pushed me off the end of the plank at the beginning of the week, and forced me to offer some too. They’ve cost us a bloody fortune, and I hope you’re all very grateful!!

Over and out, B x