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BEN KEITH’S BLOG: ‘Back on the gear’

Oh Blog, I’ve gone and done it again. I’ve fallen off the wagon and I’m back on the gear. Drug-dealers everywhere, tempting me, forcing it down my neck. I can’t help myself, I’m one of the ill members, and filled with self-hatred every time I pass a mirror. However hard I try, I can’t escape my addiction.

Bread and Chips = The Bastards.

When I come off them, my hour a day running gets my weight down nicely, but as soon as I get to about 12.5 stone, I say ‘I’ve done so well. Just one portion. Just today.’. And off we go again, back to 13.5-stone-land. Cycle repeats. I’ve been hypnotized twice, but no good. It lasts a couple of days and then wears off.

Today, Blog, I am pledging to start another journey; from 13.5 stone, back down to 12.5-land, and then ‘this time’; to 11.5 stone. Going ‘cold turkey’. Wish me luck.

In other fat-man news:

In order to avoid all poppadom, prawn-cracker, bread, and any chip type produce, myself and Gaul Wood, are tonight, going for dinner at the fabulous Dinings. It’s so small in there, it can often be a ball-ache to get a table, but it’s well worth it, and the food is exceptional. The guinea-fowl, when on the menu, is absolutely delicious, and along with the fatty-tuna sashimi, would be among my top recommendations.

Pam ‘The Greatest Not-Staff of All Time’ Statements, celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday. This blog sends her it’s love and congratulations. Thanks for everything, Pam. Please can you now update my Ipod and also send up some new earphones, as the current ones are knackered.

B x