AUTHOR: Star Sports Content

BEN KEITH’S BLOG: ‘Don’t worry, it’s ok.’

So, Blog, it looks like gorgeous super-model Liz Hurley, and cricketing legend, Shane Warne (who is reputed to have bedded 1,000+ women), have decided to call it a day. Oh dear, Liz, did you really think you could change Warney? Really?? I think not, luv. My advice: Liz, stick to silly bouffon society-boys. Warney, you’ve got the whole kids thing out the way, get back on the job, and see if you can kick-on to 2,000!!

In other relieving news:

When I was at school I didn’t manage to have a girlfriend but I did get a friend who was a girl. There is a big difference, yes, Blog, but I convinced myself at the time that it was a near miss. Apart from confirming to me one day that my willy was officially ‘ok’ and listening to, and supporting me through, my endless adolescent woes, she grew to be one of my closest adult friends and confidantes. Her name is Rebecca. Over the last few months she has been through a terrible cancer scare. The fabulous news came through yesterday that all is clear, and this blog sends all of it’s congratulations and love to her! And by the way, Lofty STILL fancies you. What’s the problem? He’s here, and such a stud, you’re there, and such a babe… I dunno… Women…

Over and out, Ben x