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BEN KEITH’S BLOG: ‘I feel so morally enriched’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, let’s discuss the ‘Marine A’ ‘issue’…

Now, I’m so glad that the herbal-tea mug-huggers, and moralistic easy-talkers and draft-dodgers, have had their say; looking on from the comfort of the ‘nice’ images they have created for themselves on their Facebook pages, and curved and socially-correct Starbucks cafes.

It’s wonderful being able to benefit from their education and first-hand experience. I feel so lucky. I feel so morally enriched and my obviously dark-age principles; nothing short of enlightened.

Their education and wealth of personal experience of war-fronts and life-and-death, desperate situations. Especially, when I’m sure that the Afghan soldiers must all observe the Geneva Convention to the ‘T’ themselves.

marineaThey haven’t got a bloody clue! Not half an idea, as to what that man and his brothers-in-arms had been through, before he committed that clearly wrong act.

He put the bloke out of his misery. Of course, it was wrong. No one is saying it was nice. But, there must be former soldiers from Korea and the Second World War, all over the world, saying to themselves right now ‘thank god there weren’t cameras in our helmets then’. ‘Marine A’ has to be punished for what he did. Even though it was an act of war; it was inhumane and wrong. But what a price he is having to pay; as an example to the rest of the world.

I wonder if the mug-hugging moralisers remember what made this country? We’re an island the size of a bottle-top, we export nothing, and we have no real reserves of valuable natural minerals. We were built on the foundations provided by having a strong army and navy; that’s the only reason anyone else takes any notice of us. What else do we bring to the party? ‘Marine A’ needed to be taken to trial over this, but I really believe that this modern and idealistic, politically correct world we live in, is a tough courtroom for him to sit before.

Anyway, what’s been done has been done. I just hope that the moralisers make sure that the Afghans hanging our boys limbs from trees, are properly punished. Not that some kind of sympathy card is dealt to them while ‘Marine A’ lies in prison with a life sentence.

In other news:

In Belindabelle’s effort to round me somewhat (good luck), she recently took me off to an Art-House cinema, in Soho, to see ‘Blue Jasmine’. Blog, it was quite superb. Woody Allen directs, and Cate Blanchett takes lead role; and neither miss a beat. Emotionally perceptive, cutting at times, and equally grin-worthy; a thoroughly good watch. Recommended.

B x