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BEN KEITH’S BLOG: ‘Poor Angela!’

Oh, Blog, poor Angela Merkel! How have my German brethren not given her another full crack of the whip?! Where EXACTLY can she have been seen to have let her people down, when she’s gone to the front, and absolutely run away from the lot of the weak pack, over the last ten years? And look who she’s got to ‘share’ power with; the drippingly wet sounding ‘Social Democrats’. Europe’s finest leader, and ‘sharing power’ with some lefties, really doesn’t sound as if it’s going to work, does it, Blog? Angela, what were you thinking, though? You should have ‘Putinised’ the whole event and booted all of these characters, and democracy nonsense, out of the way years ago!!

In other news:

I went to my beloved ‘Marroccos’ on Hove sea-front, for dinner this evening, with Belindabelle. I’ve been going there, and enjoying their homemade Italian ice-cream and pizza, since I was a young boy and some sad news has reached me. There always used to be a lovely old man, who I called Mr Marrocco (I dunno, his name was probably Jim Smith), who walked around the place telling everyone how long he’d owned the restaurant and how he made his ice-cream. He was part of the furniture and had time for everyone. I bumped into his son Peter tonight and asked where his dad was. He said, very down-heartedly, that he had been taken into an old peoples home, and fallen into a state of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. This really is sad news and my heart goes out to Peter and his family. Time waits for no man, and nor for that matter, do Marroccos’ Hawaiana pizzas or chocolate ice-creams, so do yourself a favour and get down there asap. Now minus Mr Marrocco, but still top class.

Over and out, Ben x