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BEN KEITH’S BLOG: ‘Terry Ramsden and Boring Breeding Bo**ocks’

In the words of Gaul Wood;

‘It’s all a load of boring breeding bollocks isn’t it? Where’s the fun gone? It’s as dull as dish-water. Punters aren’t interested in the boring detailed stuff. They want to know five minutes before the race: what’s drifted, what’s shortened, where’s the clever money gone? McCririck will tell me, and that’s where my £50 is going.’

And I agree. (Blog, I agree with Gaul Wood on something?!?!)

As Big Mac appears for possibly his last hurrah at his employment tribunal, this blog wishes him luck. Not because we believe he has the merits for, or against him, to win his case, but because at least he bought a bit of colour and fun to the game during his time.

We live and work in a game with a jealous and short memory. An insecure game that shuns away from the non-Establishment figures. They’re all the same…the bouffon hair, the buck-teeth, the styles of dress, with their contemporaries in a closed and over-familiar world. This is not a musty and stuffy old members-club in need of it’s first refurb in forty years, its supposed to be an international sport! Big Mac’s a bit weird and he probably ruffles the feathers of one too many comfortable mother-hens with his ways, but at least he’s got a bit of character. Good luck Mac, and thank you for lighting up Channel 4 Racing for many years, and attracting so many people to the betting-ring.

In other action-packed news:

One man who certainly bought more than a sprinkle of character to the game was the incredible Terry Ramsden…The GREATEST gambler in the history of the game; a man of legend. He gave so much in terms of ownership, colour, fun, and of course…a huge amount of money to bookmakers and betting-rings all over England.

I found this fascinating documentary about him on YouTube. I hope you enjoy it, Blog.

Terry ‘Rammo’ Ramsden, wherever you are in the world; I wish you luck. Whatever you are doing, I know you will be doing it to the best of your ability. You are a natural winner; you have done it before, you can make it happen again. Now go and get yourself a few quid and fuck the Establishment, right-off, all over again. (PS, when you do it, don’t forget to open an account with me though!!).

Terry Ramsden = Not-Staff.

Enjoy a little bit of his come-back story in this video…

Ben x