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BEN’S BLOG: ‘£25 to see Father Christmas’

ben_keith_team-150x150rc[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust in case, you haven’t had the piss taken out of you, quite enough, recently, you better pop along, to The Rainforest Cafe, in Shaftesbury Avenue. I went this evening, and was staggered, at the cost, to go and see Father Christmas. £25. ‎Along with the gross imposition, and rip-off festival, that is Winter Wonderland; this is more proof, that working, English families, are made to feel unwelcome, in the capital.

Hang about, Blog, I’m not saying that we should restrict, foreign investment and spending, in London. OF COURSE not; milk ’em for all we can. BUT, when you go to attractions, like Siam Park, in Tenerife, they have one price for tourists, and another for locals. So, why aren’t we doing the same, for our own? (AND I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT JUST HELPING THE KEY-WORKER/PUBLIC-SECTOR MAFIA).

In other news:

This blog sends it’s best wishes, to Lee ‘The Manualizer’ Manual, Star Sports’, Head of All Manual Jobs, following his unfortunate defeat, in his boxing-match, in aid of Cancer Research. Lee, you’ve got loads of scary tattoos, and you didn’t win; BUT THE STAR FAMILY STILL LOVES YOU.


Over and out, B x