AUTHOR: Star Sports Content

BEN’S BLOG: ‘A Great Day for Star Sports’

ben_keith_team-150x150I am delighted to announce, that Star Sports, have been chosen to buy the entire portfolio of pitches, owned by Victor Chandler.

We are most grateful to BetVC for giving us this chance, and assure them, that the pitches will be properly used, and their great, on-course traditions, carried forward.

Rather than lowering the tone, and begging for a Punter, by offering a fiver at 4/1, about an even-money-chance, Star are showing the entire industry, that we entice our Punters, simply, with a good bookmaking service. And now, being able to use their accounts, via such high-profile pitches, is all part of the Star experience.

Yes, Star Spreads is now online, and Star Sports is on that road too, but this forward progression is paid for; the old fashioned way. We are proud of our roots in the betting-ring.

This is a great day for Star Sports. It will be a pleasure to bet on such pitches, at the big meetings, and I relish this opportunity. A FIRM MOVING FORWARD.

In other news:

I thank also, all of my friends and associates, who have sent me their best wishes and congratulations on this day. I would like to dedicate this announcement though, to the following people:

1) Everyone that has ever knocked me for small money. (Don’t you feel a bit silly now?).
2) All of the bureaucrats and TRAGIC underachieving corporate wage-slaves, that have stood in my way, because they never had the balls to have a go themselves. It can ALL be done (JUST NOT BY WEAKLINGS LIKE YOU).
3) Those who have colluded to steal from me. (WELL DONE, GOOD JOB).


Over and out, B x