BEN’S BLOG: ‘A HUGE THANK YOU to Kevan Morretti’

Blog, the fantastic news has come through, that Greyhound Racing will be remaining on Sky Sports.

Some time ago, Star Sports offered to pay for the Greyhound Derby Final to be shown on Sky. And very quickly, I received a telephone call from Kevan Morretti. Kevan helps run RPGTV and was as helpful as possible in explaining Sky were insisting on a run of meetings, not just a one-off, and that he was coming up against brick-walls.

I then went on to arrange a conference-call for the “Powers That Be” in Greyhound Racing, to explain this position, and try and get them back on track. It took weeks to arrange, and none present had anything like the drive or overall knowledge to make it happen. However, when Kevan came onto the call, it was clear that he was doing all he could, to push the deal back over the line.

And push the deal over the line, is what he certainly did, Blog. Kevan Morretti has made a HUGE difference to Greyhound Racing and this should be recognised. THANK YOU, KEVAN!

In other news:

Ben’s Food Vlog 63: El Montero, Calle La Frontal, 37, 39210 Soto, Cantabria, Spain. Huge selection of Herbal Teas, for people to try, in this skiing area. Attractive and light. 18 Euro 3-course-lunch menu, represents excellent value. Warming and hearty stews. Hot Chocolate flavoured Herbal Tea (NAP). 7

Over and out, B x