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BEN’S BLOG: ‘A letter to myself, from The Staff’

ben_keith_team-150x150Dear Ben,

We here, The Staff, write, as a collective, to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the following:

  • Paying for us when we are ill.
  • Providing someone to deal with/listen to all of our life-problems and self-inflictions.
  • Being completely unable to, due to highly-restrictive, Staff rights, dismiss even the most divisive and incompetent amongst us.
  • Paying for our holiday time (even when we collude with the rota-man, and join it onto days-off, to extend the time even further, and return, from such breaks, still in a drug-induced haze).
  • Dealing with ALL of our tax-bureaucracy. We bet this is no easy task.
  • Thank you for feeding us, such excellent food, everyday. AND we moan.
  • During tough times, thank you for being the man, that comes right to the front-line, to make the most difficult of decisions, and backing them, with your own life-savings, to keep us, and the firm going. You NEVER shy away from such conflict, and we are ACUTELY AWARE, of the pressure that must sit upon your shoulders.
  • We thought that you provided, for our every whim and need, but, oh no: Your generosity knows no bounds…
  • NOW, you are EVEN continuing to support us, once we have retired, and finished pretending to work for you.
  • What a GROSS IMPOSITION it must be, to have to add 3%, every year, to our salaries, as a pension. (But Ben, who makes such contributions, and delivers all of this moral and financial support to you? This is something we just can’t comprehend).

Ben, YOU are not just our guardian angel. We live in a blessed world – thanks to YOU.

Yours unreliably,

The Staff

Touching words from The Staff there, Blog. An emotional moment for me, I must say…

In other news:

We had a new-boy join yesterday; Sam In-Running. Such bright eyes. Enthusiasm. Hope and optimism. To work for Star Sports is a dream come true.

I looked back, with grey bags hanging off my face, slightly shifted my ball and chain, and commented thus:

Within 6 months he will know more than me.
At 18 months contempt will creep in.
And at the 3.5 year mark, this contempt will manifest itself, into full-blown-hatred (due to the realisation that he can’t change me). (Mick, the Head of Trading disagreed. He said that hatred comes earlier). I WAS JUST TRYING TO PUT A POSITIVE SPIN ON THINGS, MICK.

Over and out, B x