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BEN’S BLOG: ‘A young man making his mark’

Many regular followers of this blog were friends with late Bookmaker, Matt Brown. Matt departed, in his early 40s, when there were still far too many favourites to get beaten, but his son, Mason, is certainly now making his mark.

Whilst at University, Mason did some putting-on for me, and proved himself by not coming up with any Puntery Confusions, when it was time to do a figure or part with money. And on graduating, set sail into the construction world.

Now managing 100 men on-site, at only 5’4″, he has certainly inherited his father’s strength of character. And recently, in typically reasonable fashion (giving him a full 2 minutes notice, Blog), I turned up at his latest project, in Chelsea, to inform him of how to do his job properly. It is an incredible site, and will produce super luxury units that will be rented to loaded oldies, at the bargain snip of Β£10k a week (I obviously booked 2 for myself immediately!).

Mason is a fine example of a young person, loving London, and getting stuck in, in his work. MATT BROWN WOULD BE SO PROUD.

In other news:

‘A Bit Of A Stretch’ by Chris Atkins. The saddest part of my career, as a Bookie, has been visiting clients, after a fall from grace, when they have been sent to prison. The sadness doesn’t come during the unnerving searches and checks. Or seeing couples eeking out every last minute together in the visiting room. It’s afterwards. When you see the wives, who are suddenly mums again, on their own, done up to the nines, with their children, queuing up for the bus home, surely the first of many connections, to make the journey back home. The devastation from trial, right through to end of sentence, surely breaking so many of them. Chris Atkins’ book covers all of this, and so much more, in heartbreaking (and often hilarious) detail. A GOOD READ. 7.5

Over and out, B x