AUTHOR: Star Sports Content

BEN’S BLOG: ‘An Ocean of Bookie-Haters’

The ocean of people, who have such empty lives, all they can think about is finding ways to be offended on behalf of others, has most certainly now successfully drowned this country’s Licensed Bookmakers.

Recently, I tasked my PA, Margaret, with finding a training course, in video camera work, for our social-media team.

On sourcing a recommended company, Margaret then emailed them, and received the attached, tragic response.

I am the first to agree that Licensed Bookmakers should behave properly and represent to the best of their abilities, our industry.

But there should now be a list published of the following type of Punters:


Many of whom will have ruthlessly sent decent Independent Bookmaking people out of business.


Those who cancel their payments that have been made, saying their card was stolen. Of course, the Police are never interested – why help a Bookie?


Those who self-exclude and then re-enter using a slightly different name or address to get past the system. If they win; they draw. If they lose; they cry for a refund.

It is high-time that the Gambling Commission started protecting Bookies, and that this, now fashionable, hatred of Bookmakers is dulled right down and the easily offended look at; THE BEHAVIOUR OF PUNTERS.

Over and out, B x