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BEN’S BLOG: ‘‎Andy McCarron’


[dropcap]I[/dropcap] remember when I first met Andy McCarron. It was outside Victoria station, and he was interviewing me, many years ago, for his new magazine; Betting Business. Keen and friendly, the young journo, eagerly scribbled down, all of my waffle and self-promotion, showing too; a genuine interest. He was their only journalist, and appeared to do everything for the fledgling magazine. Since then, BB has grown to become, a monthly Bible, for everyone in the game.

andy2Andy has now marched on, to set up, with his business-partner, Rasmus, another publication; SBC ( And last night, they invited many of their subscribers, and bookie type chaps, for a special dinner. And special it was.

I was so happy for Andy, though, Blog. Last night was his show; he’s gone all the way. And it’s so deserved. There has been no luck. None at all. Just building and building his credibility and contact base. Building too, such a level of respect, for not just his immaculate professionalism, and depth of knowledge, but also his kind and down-to-earth approach. ‎ Right from one-man-bands, to the CEO’s and owners, of the Goliaths, of our game.


Over and out, B x