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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Anyone up for going to check out Karl Marx’s grave?!’

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, this actually happened this week: In an effort to lessen the time and pressure of me constantly thinking about World domination, Belindabelle, following receiving advice from her Spanish amigas, who have been in London a little longer, pulls up suggestions of places to visit at the weekend.

Last week, over a nicely cooked Seabass, I enquired as to what BB would like to do at the weekend.

Visit Highgate Cemetery.



Are you taking the piss?

No. Its in all the guide books. Its a beautiful place. EVERYONE talks about it.

Now, I know that my friends might not quite be the norm, but between lengthy discussions as to whether we can find any betting-shops in Lithuania that might still lay back-shows or out-of-date football coupon prices, I don’t quite remember discussing the state of play at Highgate Cemetery.

Anyway, after several days of protestations, I was dragged, with a bit of a union-face, to North London, to have a walk around this apparent tourist hot-spot.

On arrival, we both paid Β£4 for entrance, and commenced with a stroll around the premises. We had missed the start of the TWO AND A HALF HOUR!!!!! guide (gutted!). I can’t say that I found it all that thrilling but what amazed me was the behaviour of the dozens of Facebookers on site and enjoying the entertainment. I must ask this question, Blog: when Facebookers stop to take a photo of literally EVERYTHING they do, or encounter between photos of activities they half carry out, what HAPPENS to these trillions of photo reels? Where do they go? What purpose do they serve? Does the wastage of computer-disk space not contravene some kind of leftie environmental over usage clause? Could the computer disks not save something rather more pertinent and useful to the direction forward? Why do they have to take so many photos? Is it a competition I’m unaware of? It seems to me that the Facebookers live two lives: The first; here on Earth, to serve the second: their Facebook life(style). They have to take thousands of photos, in the odd event that they might take a few crackers, and those offerings then enter their second life: Their Facebook life. Where they try to convince the rest of the inhabitants in that world, as to what thrilling lives they lead, back in life number one. How odd!

In other news:

Gaul Wood thinks I’m incredibly out of touch, because I use phrases like ‘sniffing drugs’ and ‘slush-box’, when referring to my cleaning lady’s bucket. But Blog, I don’t know if you’ve missed it, but there is a new American version of House of Cards, led by the superb Kevin Spacey. Well, I never quite keep up with what’s en vogue, so have turned back to watching the BBC version; with, of course, the unsurpassable Ian Richardson, in charge of proceedings. During this viewing time, I have been trying to educate Belindabelle, by making hints at what a fantastic woman Mrs Urquhart is. How she holds pose and plays her part so perfectly in public, always making a nice-face and nice-words when required, in an effort to push her partner, the great FU, forward to further ruthless victories. No walks around Highgate Cemetery here, BB! Only plotting and creating!! So after a while, Belinda really got into the game and was standing up practising looking more like Francis Urquhart’s wife. Superb stuff, Belinda! Keep up the good work!! Behind every great man is a great woman who can keep a straight and smiling-face during all atrocities aimed at the Punters and Staff!

Charge!! B x