BEN’S BLOG: ‘Are you the best Armchair Operator in the Whole Wide World?’

Everyday, I like to check the Birthdays column, in the Racing Post. It reminds you of friends and peers and to their progress in the last year. I notice today, Blog, that Bruce Millington, RP Editor, has reached 52 years of age.

The other column, I never miss, is The Classifieds, on a Saturday. There, the leaders and innovators, of our great industry, show us in the form of adverts, their plans for the next year. And one thing, one cannot fail to have missed, is that the Racing Post has courted, about a million times, for a new Editor, to replace Bruce.

Now, Blog, I thought it was yooouuu, leant back, TV control cemented into hand, in your armchair, who would have made a far better Racing Post Editor? No, no. Now, I really am SURE it was you, in fact. Or was it Bookmaker? Or Pro-Punter (should you have had ‘the tank’ (they love that one, because of course, all pro-punters must have started with a maaasssive tank))? Or Champion Jockey? Or Classic Winning Trainer?

So, do tell; When are you making your move? Is now not ‘the right time’ (ALL OF A SUDDEN)? Or you are just ‘biding your time’? Or is it ‘not possible to achieve those things now, the big boys have got too far ahead’? Or was it somehow ‘different’ for them? Or, is the truth of it; you’re just a GOOD TALKER?


Simon Nott’s #BettingPeople interview with Bruce earlier this year…..


Over and out, B x