BEN’S BLOG: ‘Bad News from Oz for The Greyhound Derby’

Oh, Blog, I don’t like to write to you and tell you bad news…but….

After The Greyhound Derby this year, I was approached by a gentleman, from The Lake District, named David Mitchell. David wanted to introduce some of his contacts from America and Australia, to see if we could get some of their best dogs to come over and compete. We were put in touch with Simone Fisher, an Aussie Greyhound Trainer and Television-Presenter. Simone, like David, was most helpful but said that an Australian owner would never consider sending one of their runners over. Why, Blog?! Because the prize-money out there is ENORMOUS. Trainers are earning great money and owners can regularly expect to make a profit from their dogs’ endeavours. The lowest Graders run for what we would consider top Open-Race money and their Open class dogs, have 50 – 100k competitions week in, week out, with one dog recently winning over a million Aussie Dollars (around 560k) ! Howwww???! Oh, because the Tote and The Bookie-Chaps, have to put lots back into the sport. I know, I know. IF ONLY…

Check out this day in the life video, following Simone Fisher, and her life in Australian Greyhound Racing…. a different world..!

In other news:

Tina, Aldwych Theatre, 49 Aldwych, WC2B 4DF. Adrienne Warren shines as Tina Turner. And Kobna Holdbrook-Smith goes into menacing overdrive as Ike Turner. Super-stylish. Strong storyline. The audience set alight. The best music I have ever heard in a London show. FAULTLESS. 10

Over and out, B x