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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Belindabelle and Stephen Fry at Buckingham Palace’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, why is Stephen Fry trying to make such an effort, in his recent autobiography, to show-off all the places he has been lowering the tone, and sniffing drugs? Who cares? And it’s not only hugely insulting to our glorious Queen, but also a terrible example to all the children that watch his television programs. Before Mr Fry continues with his champagne-socialist, moralistic lectures, he might like to, in fact, sort out his appalling drugs problem.

buckinghampalace(Please note, Blog: Over dinner, this evening, I discussed the issue with Facebooker Belinda. Belindabelle mused over the subject for a moment, and then informed me that; should she, be at a party at Buckingham Palace, and the party be ‘good’ (can any group-socialising function be described as such, Blog?), and should too, there be some ‘good’ cocaine on offer, she would gladly partake in sniffing some of it, with Stephen Fry! BLOG, I was horrified. HORRIFIED!!)

In other news:

newmanWent last night to the Newman Street Tavern, in Fitzrovia (a rather pretentious name for the area just north of Oxford Street). A Star MD, Gaul Wood top recommendation; this hit the spot as being the best newly visited restaurant of the year. A fantastic menu, where you could order anything. NAP: the brown shrimp prawn crackers. NB: the pork chops with extra crunchy fat. Absolutely superb. Scores a 9, first look round the track. (WARNING: a touch trendy. A touch. Tattooed staff etc.)

Over and out, B x