AUTHOR: Star Sports Content

BEN’S BLOG: ‘Ben’s Top 10 Tips on being a Bookie’

1) Fear. Before – Healthy. During – Unhealthy. Now – Attack. After – Mend & Learn.

2) Pro-Punters. Sometimes they make a lot of money doing something outside of The Game. And the Pro bit falls off the front.

3) Cheltenham & Royal Ascot. Or Week 9 & Week 24? Even-Money chances still win about half the time. So Don’t lose your head.

4) You just can’t figure out what he does for a living? Maybe, he does You?

5a) Let’s be Friends. No. Let’s not. Because you’ll beat me with the Friendship & Kindness sticks further down the line (NAP). Also; let Them make The Rules. Then it can’t be your fault (although it will be. NB).

5b) Relationships. They change. And what have you left behind that They will now use against you? They will use Anything.

6) 8.57am and 1.57pm are different times. Different. Very. Catch-up with your cleverer Punters in the afternoon.

7) Sympathy and Hatred. Closely linked. They are Sympathetic to themselves. And They Hate you.

8) Corporate Wally. Wally never achieved anything himself. So he doesn’t want you to either. Bad Players are also harder to predict. So keep a close eye.

9) Trusting & Believing. Repeating this Mistake will mean you give Them everything you own. And you will still owe Them more. Trust No-one.

10) 11/8 Favs – Tears of Joy. 66/1 Rags – No Tears. The Rubdown. Give it to them. Always. BUT CHECK FOR GUILT-TRIP LANDMINES BEFORE DOING SO.

Over and out, B x