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BEN’S BLOG: “Blog, we are completely surrounded. The Corporate People are now all around.”


[dropcap]I[/dropcap] remember a time, when attending bookmakers trade-shows, you would see, just a handful, of the Corporate People, huddled together, in the corner, looking typically untrustworthy. They were easy to shun, and few paid them attention. It was a pleasure to be at such functions, as there would instantly, be a deluge, of intelligent and character-filled operators, who you could enjoy some mentally-stimulating conversation with.

corporatepeopleNow though, Blog; it’s a completely different ball-game. โ€ŽOn arrival, it is immediately clear, that the job-titled mass, are on a jolly old day-out. They even talk to servants of Betfair, without contempt in their souls and minds. It makes no difference to them anymore. Nobody will tell you that they organise “stuff” in the office. Instead, they now refer to themseves, as COO’s. And you’ll have to search deeply, for a secret kindred-spirit, should you wish to find someone, who has actually laid a bet with his or her own money. What can we do, Blog? What options do we have left to us?? If you can’t beat them; join them; then beat them (SENSELESS).

In other news:

El Faro, 15 Calle San Fรฉlix,11002 Cรกdiz. โ€ŽThis was the best restaurant, I ate at, whilst recently in Andalucia. Classic and classy. Serving traditional Spanish dishes. Everything ordered was excellent. And the service immaculate too. โ‚ฌ40 a head. 8.5


Over and out, B x