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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Bluff Called’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o, my favourite World leader, Vladimir Putin, is up to his old tricks… Winding up, and calling the bluff, of leftie Europe.

In some typical easy-talk, Europe signed agreements saying they would protect Ukraine, if it came to it. Well, Chaps, its come to it. And its quite obvious you’re going to bottle it, isn’t it? Also, all this talk of trade sanctions…really? When I walk around Knightsbridge, the Russians (along with the Chinese and the Arabs), are the only punters who’ve got any money wrapped around them. The crew-cut playboys you see driving up and down Sloane Street, in super-car sports-cars, with silicone implanted, platinum blonde, girlfriends to their sides, holding on for dear life, are all Russians. The skint-member, little English peasants, that are still left here, like me, are merely in tow now, to serve the purpose of stepping aside and opening the door for them, when they’re walking into the Carlton Tower or Harrods to spend their billions. Central London has been the number one destination for these guys to clean their money up, buying all of our trophy assets, and there’s absolutely NO WAY Cammo and Co are going to do ANYTHING about it. Do you actually think, as we slowly depart from recession, that they’re going to give the likes of Abramovich the heave-ho, in order to prove some kind of point to Putin? Dream on.

Putin has absolutely rolled Europe over this time.

1) Germany, still living the guilt-trip of WWII, doesn’t have the military firepower to mix it with Russia.
2) The rest of skint-leftie-Europe are too on the floor to even keep the lights on, let alone invade a super-power like Russia.
3) Cameron has learnt from Blair’s time; that the British public prefer soft-talk, and kumbayah peace-protests, to proper action. Invading Russia, and picking on someone the same size as you (if not far bigger) is not sensible, and neither is it a vote winner.

All that’s going to happen, is the wet EU will keep sending Putin lots of REALLY SCAREY letters signed by a selection of different political and regulatory dick-heads, that he couldn’t give a monkeys about. They will do NOTHING. Putin’s got a chip on his shoulder and he’s giving the rest of the World’s ‘leaders’ a master-class in how its done. Well done to him.

In other news:

susannahBrace yourself, please, Blog. I am about to criticise our nation’s finest newspaper… I have to say, that I thought it really lowered the tone recently, of the Daily Mail, to publish screen-shots of Susannah Reid’s husband’s dating-profile on Surely, that is a GROSS invasion of privacy isn’t it? I can’t believe its not illegal, and that the owners of the dating site don’t have terms and conditions, that strictly prohibit profiles, and the private details of their members, from being published. The poor chap has been left for dead by a wife that’s kicked on to become a national star and sex-symbol. He’s not a famous person, he’s an ordinary bloke, bringing up his kids, and he wants to meet a new bird. Let him get on with it in peace.

So, a ‘notorious North London gang’ have all been arrested on a multitude of different charges. Well, won’t it make fascinating reading should the case get to trial? The Met have shown real bottle and flair here, to even get it this far, and put a shock up them. Let’s hope for London they get the job done this time. I don’t know if I’d fancy being on the jury, though!

7 days to Cheltenham. I’m going to batter all of you! Ben x