BEN’S BLOG: ‘Bob Morton – The Derby Don’

Simon Nott has continued on his travels, and this week, met up with Bob Morton; super successful businessman, shrewd Punter, and no less than 3 times Greyhound Derby winning owner. Bob has made a huge contribution and in this interview speaks candidly, but also with such heart, about the sport he loves.

Melancholy in Racing, both Horses and Dogs, is tiring. “There’ll never be another Westhead Hawk/Freddie Williams/Vincent O’Brien/Lester Piggott (replace with 1 of any other 50 favourites)”. Yes, there will be. Definitely. And remember, greats, like Bob, and his main-man, Westhead Hawk, are the first to say that they want there to be new heroes too.

The Game never stops moving forward. It is too greedy and precocious not to. And if you stop moving with it, quickly, a wave will come over you. WHO WILL BE THE NEXT HERO TO COME TO THE FRONT?

In other news:

Ben’s Food Vlog 61: Churreria Marcos, Calle del Valle Menéndez, 4, 38650 Los Cristianos, Tenerife. Churros, which are Spanish, stick shaped, chocolate sauce, dunking doughnuts, should be on your Food Bucket List, Blog. This ‘Churreria’, is my first stop in Tenerife, and favourite place to eat them. Also served, are superb hotdogs, which they take great, Tom Cruise Cocktail style pride, in dressing. Great fun. V cheap. Fun and family feel. 7.5

Over and out, B x