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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Can I come in for a little chat?’

ben_keith_team-150x150“Can I come in for a little chat?”. The words that every employer dreads. Normally following, a pampered White English, with a degree, (they alwaysss have a degree, Blog), has been given some, much needed constructive-criticism, from their non-degree, but common-sense manager. ‎

We have become so weak of character, that you can’t tell anyone anything, they might not like the sound of.

No. Let’s not have a little chat. Let’s, you go back into the office. Buck your ideas up. Follow instructions. AND. MAKE. ME. SOME. MONEY.

In other news:

What actually did happen to your brain at university‎? Star MD, Gaul Wood, says ‘Life begins at 30 now’. No one, from the middle-class, needs to consider, any type of direction, or adult priority, until this age. Their 20’s, are dedicated, to a litany of chocolate-teapot, unfinished educational escapades. And ‘travelling’ the world, trying every drug possible. This is unfair, on those, who choose to work. Or maybe, they don’t have the money/choice not to? So, why should they be subsidizing, druggy-eyed long-haireds, who’ve taken the easy option?? TAX CREDITS FOR THOSE WHO WORK INSTEAD OF ‘STUDY’.


Over and out, B x