BEN’S BLOG: ‘Case Reddies’

When does The Game end? Well, it never does. It is Relentless. As are all of us in its intoxication. On and on, it will go, with or without us.

A phrase you hear Bookies & Punters use is; ‘Case Reddies’. This is the total pot for either the last move or departure to retirement from the gambling life.

Some never depart, marching on and on, as they know no other way.

Others have to decide when the end comes for them. When the simultaneous Attack & Defense wears so deeply, they simply can’t continue.

If they continue, without the necessary focus and skill, they risk losing their edge, and frittering away what they had accumulated anyway.

And when they go, will their ‘Case Reddies’ suffice anyway? Will it go deep enough and last through good times and bad??

When I think about this question for myself, all I know, is that when you believe you have an edge, either as Punter or Bookie, you MUST get the full whack out of it. Or will you ever be in the position to decide if you can depart with or without grace anyway..?

In other news:

Emails are so last year. I much prefer sending out cards. My favourites, from The National Portrait Gallery (, and a bargain at £1 each. This one certainly delivers the right message….

Over and out, B x