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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Catch 22’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y dearest Blog, I have been down in Hove for the weekend, teasing The Staff, and practising mock-executions (hangings being my favourite) on Star MD, Gaul Wood. In between these finely honed sports, I have also been busily imposing myself on the team at Star Spreads, thinking up unrealistic and unreasonable markets for us to bet on and promote, via our new interactive website.

But, The Punters, we want to know from you too! Please check out, tell us what you think on our Live Trade box, and what you would like to bet on. Long live Star Spreads! Next stop: The World Cup!!

In other news:

Took my darling ladyfriend, Belinda, and The Elderly and Infirm, to see ‘Catch 22’, at The Theatre Royal, in Brighton, this weekend. What a terribly boring load of rubbish, Blog! Possibly you needed to read the book to follow what was happening, but half way through the second half, my mum nudged me, and we decided to give up the ghost and depart early. The worst play I’ve seen at the Theatre Royal (as bad as Shakespeare!). AVOID.

Part of Belinda’s brain-washing, has been me force feeding her Youtube videos, regarding my favourite people and inspirations. Tonight’s topic has been The Royal Family. After Belinda benefiting from some of my more choice opinions on Princess Diana and our monarch’s unimpressive offspring, we found this delightful clip regarding our ever present and glorious Queen. Thank you, Ma’am!!

Over and out, Ben x