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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Chelmsford City Racecourse’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]F[/dropcap]red Done is a man that is an inspiration to every independent bookmaker in the country. Self made, he has kicked on, and also kicked The Firms in the balls at every opportunity writes BEN KEITH (right).

Not just that though, he is a bookmaker that has made a huge contribution to the game: employing thousands of people, sponsoring races, buying The Tote (so it isn’t owned by some silly Corporate People), and now bringing Great Leighs, back from the dead, with the ambition of making Chelmsford City Racecourse the biggest AW track in the World.

And the very best of luck to him – he deserves it.

glI am simply amazed though, that having done everything right, in only installing eight books, so it’s workable and profitable for all, that he would invite Ladbrokes and William Hill, to be two of the lucky bookies.

1) The Firms don’t need the money.
2) They aren’t interested in on-course betting, and neither do they bring any flair to the ring. They’re only there to control the SP. Well, that’s fine, send a rep and put some money into the market then.
3) It is rumoured that nearly 100 bookies applied, why were they automatically awarded pitches, when everyone else had to put their name in the hat and put their case forward?

I take this opportunity to wish the six successful, independent applicants the very best of luck. I think that the big days there, will be just that, and I hope that you all get a nice few quid.

Fred Done – you’ve come so far. You’re living the dream. SO WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO THE FIRMS FAVOURS FOR THEN?

Over and out, B x