BEN’S BLOG: ‘Cheltenham: On Your Game’

As a Layer, the intensity in the run-up to The Festival, becomes unbearable. All around you, you hear the same horses names, again and again, and doubt begins to creep in. ‘Can they ACTUALLY all win?’.

What I look forward to most though, is seeing EVERYBODY, across the sport, ON THEIR GAME. It is that deep will to win, whoever you are, that brings us together, and shows off Horseracing and Betting, to its very best, during these four days.

I do think though, that the long run-up to the meeting, can get both Punters and Bookies in trouble. The former, stare and stare at races for months, and become fixated on certain runners, reaching a point of being unable to see defeat. And the latter, have memories of the Cheltenham Hill saving them, when they have overlayed Favourites. And both end up playing too big. Yes, it’s a CRUCIAL week. Yes, we are all ready and pumped-up. But 6/4 chances are still roughly about 6/4, and the real prize; is STANDING THE TEST OF TIME.

In other news:

Social-Media is an echo-chamber of Punter Sympathisers. They find something to have a daily finger-pointing session about, and one by one come out to play. Few disagree, as how many Bookies are left to do so anyway? But anyone who may be Trusting & Believing them as genuine, should now be aware of Labour politician, Tom Watson’s intentions (from his little bit of knowledge, of course STORY HERE). The Government had a goood chew on Bookies last year and are now being goaded into a second course. These people are not Punter Sympathisers. They will never accept a concession. They will keep on and on, biting away, until there is nothing left of us. We must now protect our businesses. They are OUT AND OUT BOOKIE-HATERS.

Over and out, B x