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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Chris Pitt: One of my heroes’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]I[/dropcap] grew up reading, and growing to love; Charles Dickens. For me, the most nerve touching skill, he had in writing, was the way he made heroes of ‘normal’ people. He showed that, inside all of us, there is a depth we can go to, and that we can always reach for more.

My hero is Chris Pitt.

Who is Chris?

Chris is the feature writer of BOS magazine ( , the industry publication, that is distributed to licensed bookmakers, all over the country. In print for 33 years, and still going strong, Chris interviews players in the game, right across the country.

Those that have met Chris, will know why he is my hero. Chris suffers from scoliosis; a spine disease he was born with, that makes him have a terribly awkward hunched-back.

bosBut he has NEVER let this stop him, and he has ACHIEVED EVERTHING, he has set out to do; in getting married and also writing for BOS magazine.

I asked Chris about his illness, and he gave me an incredibly motivational reply: ‘Any disability is what you make of it. I try to adopt a positive attitude in everything I do, and use it to my advantage wherever possible’. Well, if anything is a clear and simple example to the millions of layabouts that burden us in England; surely that is it, Blog.

Chris lists Fred Done, Barry Dennis, Michael Tabor, and Victor Chandler as the most inspiring people he has ever interviewed for BOS magazine. He may have even mentioned myself too, but I certainly won’t be writing my own name, in conjunction with the above mentioned gladiators.

Well, Blog, I’ve taken a small liberty, and approached a couple of these people, to see what they’ve got to say about Chris…

Barry Dennis barked back: ‘Yes Ben! I’ve always been incredibly impressed by Chris, and his enthusiasm and professionalism. He hasn’t been dealt a lucky hand, but he’s really got on with it, and made a good life for himself.’

Michael Tabor took a breath to consider his words, and then observed..’…when Chris came to interview me, his appearance made an instant and obvious impression…but…but he made everything so…’. He then stopped, checking, looking for the right words… ‘…he just made everything so…just so ‘normal’…this is a man that has not been inhibited in any way.’

Here’s to a real trier. Blog, shall we knight, Chris? Yep, I think so.

Chris, step forward.

Chris Pitt = Not Staff.

Over and out, Ben x