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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Dealing with Facebookers – Mike Tyson Style’

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, can you imagine having unknown and unwashed Puntery-types, coming up behind you, hugging you, and taking photos of themselves, without even asking first? I really couldn’t think of anything worse. Well, that’s what celebrated Not-Staff, Mike Tyson, has to deal with, in his life, on an almost hourly basis.

Let’s be honest though, of all the people to impose yourself on, Iron Mike, probably isn’t the most sensible choice. And he makes that clear, in sending this Nasty-Little-Facebooker on his way. MIKE TYSON = WORLD CLASS.

In other news:

I caught up with former Star MD, Gaul Wood, for dinner, last Tuesday. He is enjoying a two month sabbatical, finding himself, and connecting spiritually, with all of the pretend-nice-people, before returning, to serve again, my insatiable lust for money, wealth, and eccentric seclusion. I may shock you though, Blog, when I inform you that GW has had a FULL image change, now resembling a cross between Geoff Banks and Rod Stewart!


sofraHowever, he did put forward an excellent restaurant recommendation: Sofra, a Turkish offering, in Shepherds Market. It really was buzzy, as this part of Mayfair always is, and the food and service were excellent. However, as is SO OFTEN, with Turkish restaurants, the toilets were like World War 1 latrines. And at £55 per head (no booze) there’s just no excuse for this. Sort it out, Sofra!

Sofra. Shepherds Market. Superb grub. Don’t miss the Black Cod. But go to the toilet before you leave home. 8

Over and out, B x