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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Dinner with Barry Dennis: A Life in The Betting-Ring’

Fierce. Aggression his only form of defence. Cynical. Distrusting. The ability to Cut. Direct. A piercing gaze. The booming voice. The strong presence still there. An overpowering competitive and combative spirit. An extreme will to win. A determination to always march on. Addicted to the struggle. A NATURAL LAYER.

Deeply proud he was able to educate each of his 4 children. Advancing from odds & sods jobs; to wealth. Status, a passion, a life challenge, and many friendships. Relishing his move from the back-line, to the pinnacle of his career, in the front-line (at 60 years of age). A HUGE GRATITUDE TO THE GAME.

In other news:

Ben’s Food Vlog 47: The Dean Street Townhouse, 69 – 71 Dean Street, Soho, W1D 3SE. WEB SITE Beautiful decor. Cosy. SUPERB menu (particularly the desserts card). You’ll like it when you go in. Weak end product though. 6

Over and out, B x