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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Discipline for The Deserved’

ben_keith_team-150x150Good morning, Blog! How are you feeling before this fresh start? Thank God, we haven’t got an ungenuine, Corprorate Sympathiser ruling us!

This election result is an announcement to several groups of people who like to huddle together:

1) The Politically Correct. Even your mafia media isn’t strong enough to hold you up now. Stop worrying about offending the offensive and start dealing in facts. Brexit was your first message. AND NOW AMERICA HAS SMASHED YOU IN THE FACE TOO.

2) The Corporate People. Farage and Trump run the world. And they’re coming after you. No more “we are in talks with Google”. It’s “if Google don’t pay their tax, like every other mug, we’re closing them down.”. Surely, it is clear too, that we aren’t interested in your silly vocab and untrustworthy antics. GET READY FOR THE STICK.

3) Wage-Slaves. You’ve had 10 years of receiving more concessions than a Bet365 Punter. This was an election result, for the brave self-employed, still holding the flag up against all odds. I am CERTAIN that Trump and May will start attacking Staff rights. And it won’t be long until you’re paying for your own holidays and pensions. There won’t be employment tribunals to protect thieves, or HR provided, to listen to adults’ self-inflictions. Long live the zero-hour contract. And START TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS.

OF COURSE, Blog, there will be discipline for lots of other members of the deserved, and I look forward to discussing them with you, later in the week. MARCH ON..!!

Over and out, B x