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BEN’S BLOG: “Does a Leader have to be Likeable?”

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]O[/dropcap]kay, Blog, so we’ve all seen Dianne Abbott’s cringe-worthy interview, on LBC. I have to say though, that I feel sorry for her. She’s a well meant person; in completely the wrong position.

When football managers are sacked, people often think it’s unfair. But the buck has to stop. And it stops at the top. Ms Abbott is completely unsuitable to be making financial decisions and Jeremy Corbyn, if he is supposed to be a serious operator, should be well aware of this.

There has been much deserved criticism of Theresa May not entering live TV debates. But maybe she believes, being a strong leader, with nuclear threats, and tough bargaining over Brexit needing to be done, that it’s not about looking smooth in front of camera. It’s about action and decision making. And to be fair to her; she has an impressive look of steel in her eyes when interviewed. IT’S GETTING HOT IN THE KITCHEN…

In other news:

My 3rd Food Vlog, this time from Young Cheung, in Lisle Street, Soho.

Over and out, B x