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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Don’t beg for a Punter’


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen you get to the track, fresh-faced, attacking the game, for the very first time, it is a ‘real’ experience. And as you fall, there will always be an old-timer, on hand, to give advice, although, at the time, it may feel like some harsh salt being rubbed into the wound.

This sounds like an old-wives’ tale; but it’s not. If a Punter tries to blag a price, and you knock him back, but then pull him in again; the bet will ALWAYS win. It’s a punishment. And a wise-owl will come over, reach out, hold on to you with a precise pinch, and tell you piercingly ‘Don’t beg for a Punter, Son.’

And he’s right.

It lowers the tone. Sets a precedent of shifting the control of the situation. And cheapens yourself, as a layer.

Ladbrokes, in now offering BOG Plus, are not only abandoning bookmaking principles, and a previous strength and control over the market‎, but are handing the Punter the whip..AGAIN. Again, it’s begging, from a corporate firm. Again, it’s unnecessary competing. Again, it is cheapening the product. Set your prices. Offer your service. AND BE THE BOSS.

In other news:

“Homer‎”, one of our most loyal followers, Blog, has put forward an Italian, that he states ‘he has never had a bad meal at.’. And I can see why…

UnknownPierino, 37 Thurloe Place, South Kensington, SW7 2HP‎. Doesn’t have the glamour of Scalini or Cecconis, but doesn’t try to. A local, easy, friendly, family pizzeria, with an excellent and full Italian menu. Starter (calamari), main (chicken in white wine), and dessert (pear tart), were all fresh and very tasty. Good fun. Good value (£35 a head). If you like Maroccos in Hove; this would be the London equivalent.‎ Scores a solid 7‎.5

Over and out, B x