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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Don’t come near me’


[dropcap]D[/dropcap]on’t come near me. I mean it, Blog. Just don’t. What do you mean, ‘Have I got B.O. or something?’. No, I haven’t, and stop being cheeky. I’m just feeling really intense, okay? It’s that time again. It’s approaching. Each day closer. More tangible. The aggression building.‎ And it’s on me now. Every year, I say it’ll be different. And it just isn’t.

The game moves forward. It never stops. And you must move with it, not just riding the punches, but seeing too, the direction and dangers of the huge waves ahead. Everything changes, and so must you, if you want to survive. Everything, except ‘that’ one thing though, Blog. Just one thing stays the same. We all know that, don’t we, really? Cheltenham and Royal Ascot are still the bookmaker’s last domain. Throw your Punter-rights and concessions at me. Drown me in Gambling Commission forms. Take my trousers down on the All-Weather. Yeah, right, okay. Come a bit closer. Over here. I’LL BATTER YOU ALL AT CHELTENHAM.

In other news:

churrThe Spanish go absolutely mad for Churros. They are little, stick like, doughnuts, that are dunked in chocolate. So popular, that little cafes are dotted around most towns, that serve only them. Churreria Marcos, in Los Cristianos, is the best I’ve ever been to, and shouldn’t be missed, if you’re looking for a real and genuine Spanish experience.

Churreria Marcos, Calle de la Caldera, 4, 38650 Los Cristianos, Tenerife. The locals go mad for it, and so will you. Don’t miss the hot-dogs too, they are superb and have about 12,000 different toppings (of which I am an officianado of all!). A portion of Churros, chocolate sauce, 2 hot-dogs, and 2 soft-drinks = €10! OLD SKOOL VALUE. 8

Over and out, B x