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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Favourite Non-Jew! Favourite Non-Jew!!’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, I have just about now recovered, from the wedding of Danielle Garbacz, daughter of great friend of Star; international-level-schmoozer, David Garbacz.

I would say that, my mentor, of how to lead your family life, has to be David. What an incredible effort, he always makes for his children, seeing that they have the very best. David particularly touched me yesterday, when during his speech, he proclaimed publicly, that I am his favourite non-Jewish friend. This seemingly prompted the fellow guests, on mine and Belindabelle’s table, to all stand on their chairs, jumping up and down, chanting ‘Favourite Non-Jew! Favourite Non-Jew!!’. Added to; the reception starting, by practically having a 45 minute, brawl like, dance, on the dance floor, it was quite simply a tremendous wedding. Luck and love to Danielle and Joseph!!

In other news:

diningsAte tonight, with a former, much loved, Staff of Star, at one of my old favourites; Dinings. The gent, who remains anonymous, made sure I caught up with all of his news, by updating me with details of:

1) His recent female conquests (including photos!).

2) How he is opening betting-accounts, from foreign addresses, that seem to last much longer.

peted3) Also, telling me about a, Pete Docherty grunge-concert, in Hyde Park, that he went to, where members of the crowd were climbing, naked, up the speaker-tower next to the stage. I don’t know, Blog; WHAT THE STAFF GET UP TO in their spare-time!!

Dinings: always excellent, really without fault, serving up a wonderful menu every time. But, at over £200 for 2, with no wine ordered, it really should be good. 9.5.

Over and out, B x