AUTHOR: Star Sports Content

BEN’S BLOG: ‘#FreeNavinder’


“Baah”. “Baah”. “Bahhhh”. What’s that sheep sound, ringing all around us, Blog? I can hear silly-vocab, with lots of self-praise-and-preservation, going on too. Hang on, who are all of those people, huddled together, over there? They look a bit thick to me anyway. Oh, I can see now! Don’t worry. Crisis over. It’s only some Wally City-Boys!

But what are they all “Bahhing” about today? Well, I think it’s because Navinder Singh Sarao, the Patron Saint, of this blog, is in court, fighting for his life.


This is a man who has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG. All he is guilty of, is embarrassing a load of Corporate Wallies, who can’t stand the thought, that someone has made complete mugs of them. No, no, Blog! He didn’t need hundreds of computer-clickers, and a flash address in the City. He didn’t need either, to be bailed out, everytime he did his bollocks. This is someone who was trading, on his own, against the whole world, with nobody standing behind him. The stock-market is the free-market. If somebody finds a move – then bloody good luck to them!

How on Earth can one person, sitting in his pants, in his bedroom, at his mum and dad’s house, be responsible, for a world market crash anyway? YOU LOT HAVE ONLY HAD HIM NICKED BECAUSE HE’S CLEVERER THAN YOU!

Over and out, B x