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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he perfect Friday night, for me, is to be invited, with Belindabelle (of course), to go for dinner with the Garbacz (pronounced Garbaz) family writes BEN KEITH (right).

On arriving, I am immediately presented with a ‘couple’, this is a Bart Simpson themed, Jewish hat, that you wear whilst dining, and it gives you secret powers that enable you to eat more (necessary).

We all then line up, along each side of the table, and David appears, like a pretend patriarchal figure.  He looks at me briefly.  At this point, I clearly BELLOW out my command for the evening:


He then breaks into a long, grace like song, whilst I conduct for him, using my knife and fork.

Once all the chanting is out of the way, and David has thrown some juicy bagel type bread at everyone, we then tuck in, to a literally, 6 course meal, cooked by David’s highly attractive wife; Ev.

In life, I have many different types of heroes, Blog.  And David has to be my number one guide, on how to lead your family life.  He’s got it all sorted.  He always says it’s down to his faith, and for once, Blog, we really do have to accept this, and not take the complete and utter piss out of him.

So, why is David Garbacz, this blog’s favourite religous nutter?  Why should we let him off the hook?

Firstly; when he’s finished his song, he doesn’t immediately try and chop my head off (although, that might do the World a favour if he did).

And secondly; HE DOESNT IMPOSE IT ON ANYONE (unless its a delaying tactic to pay me some money, or he doesn’t really want to attend a boring sounding, social function).

Yes, Blog, there are no subliminal ‘no pressure, just come along’ messages, as to why you should join his flock.  It’s a way of life, he does his thing, and doesn’t make a holier-than-thou face, when you do yours.

David, thanks for your words of advice, and so many fantastic dinners.  MARCH ON.

Over and out, B x