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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Green Mafia in night time attack in Connaught Street’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t has today emerged that Pizza Express only serve Halal chicken in all of their restaurants. There is no warning of this, oh, but you can only see it on their website (like you’re going to do that!). Subway, have also started to remove ham and bacon from their menu, in their London outlets, replacing these meats with Halal products.

It has been presumed by these companies that nobody will really mind and it’s best to keep their Muslim customers happy.

Well, I bloody well do mind! And whilst you rectify matters, I’ll have a burnt bacon sandwich, with ketchup on, in a crusty brown roll, please. And I don’t need any religious nonsense being imposed on me, when I’m sitting in a fast-food outlet, within miles of Buckingham Palace, where out monarch lives, who many people seem to have forgotten, is not only the Queen, but also the head of the Church of England! Let’s play by her rules, when we’re on her patch, please!!

In other news:

borisI went this morning, before a meeting, to pick up a delicious box of chocolate croissants from my beloved Cocomaya, in Connaught Street. I noticed outside, that about three parking spaces had been scrubbed out and replaced by a collection of Boris Bike stands. These continual impositions by the Green Mafia are all very well, but where are the residents of that street, who have paid for their F zone parking badges, and also their car-tax, now supposed to park? Oh, haven’t you realised yet, London car owners? Because lots of the cyclists can’t afford a car, you shouldn’t be allowed to have one either! It really wouldn’t be fair, you know?! We’ve all got to cycle everywhere or get on a socialist-transporter togetheeeerrrrr…!!

B x