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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Greyhound Racing heaven at Mildenhall’

ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, when I die, I want to go to the greyhound track and betting-ring in the sky. And when I’m there, it’ll be a real track, with real dog-people, who love a bet, and live on the hustle and bustle, and community of the betting-ring. There’ll be some bookies that laugh and joke between races, punters will call bets in from the stand, kennel-hands wander into the ring to have a tenner on, and there’s some cracking fish and chips served in the restaurant. And I think, Blog, just for one night, I visited paradise this evening, at Mildenhall dogs

On arrival, we were greeted by the most friendly receptionists, who couldn’t do enough to guide us around the stadium. The bookies in the ring immediately came over for a chat, us having remembered each others’ faces from different duels around the country. On eating in the restaurant, it occurred to me, to possibly direct the management, of the powerhouse that is Romford, to go and check the place out, and learn how to serve up, nothing short of EXCELLENT, and superb value grub (3 x courses for £15.95). All, with a genuine pride and love for their track, on their faces. This wasn’t some kind of awful six-packer, piss-up venue, where the racing was an aside; it was a real dog-track.


benatmildenhallMildenhall are currently battling to keep their stadium open. It has stood there, without a valuable BAGS contract, in the most remote area of Suffolk, for generations. But now, decades later, this peaceful little haven, that seems to survive, not for financial gain, but because they are dog-racing people that don’t know any other way, is being threatened by an ahh nahh mah rahts person, who is moaning about the noise. This awkward being has recently moved to the area. Well, why buy the house then, you fool? This was all clear to you before, wasn’t it?! You don’t buy a house in Staines and then moan about Heathrow noise. The track hasn’t just magic’d up out of the ground! And the council have ordered the track to be closed. It has actually happened. How frightening, Blog. This would threaten so many decent people’s well earnt and long-standing livelihoods. The owners are obviously appealing the ridiculous decision in Europe, and we, as part of the racing world, can only hope for the very best for them…

Oh Blog, I do so hope we aren’t writing a Mildenhall obituary soon. That really would be SO depressing…


Over an out, B x