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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Groundbreaking Announcement: I have found a reliable Manual Person’


colin[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, the heading for today’s diary note is correct. It really is. Having scoured the surface of the Earth, I have, at last, found a Manual Person, that arrived on time, and actually produced the goods.

His name is Colin TV’s. And he came, to my flat, yesterday, and mended all of the televisions and made the Sky work again.

I have tried to pull so many humans in, previously, to perform such tasks, but they all always fall. COLIN TV’S – RESTORING MY FAITH IN HUMANITY.

In other news:

When Colin had finished doing the TV’s, I asked him if he could then move on, to mending my computer-printer (that cost a fortune and never works). He immediately said that he couldn’t, as printers were not his area of expertise. I quite liked that though, as most Manuals say they can do everything, charge you a fortune, cock it up, and then blame a previous tradesman, before leaving in a huff. Not Colin! Know your limits, The Manual People! IT’S THE BEST WAY.

Over and out, B x