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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Guilt Trip City and Yarmouth Races’

ben_keith_team-150x150A 50/1 chance wins a race. It is Weighed-In (don’t let this leave the front of your mind, please, Blog).

AFTER the Weigh-In, it then turns out that the winner was too old to run in the race.

By The Rules of Racing, this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with betting-purposes (it is not even a minor-detail). If something wrong has happened, then that is now a matter between the trainer of the inappropriately entered runner, and the powers-that-be.

But, OH NO. The Corporate Firms CAN’T WAIT to play the sickening Punters’ Pal Act (the decisions being made by PR people, who aren’t using their own money to pay out; of course).

Let’s examine this, Blog:

Did a single on-course Punter, who’d backed the 50/1 winner, return to their Bookmaker and insist on paying back their winnings?

Did any Bootlegger, who layed the Fav (that finished second), call Betfair, and scream down the phone, in injustice “I want you to not just void my Lay but actually pay it out as a Winner to the Punter who backed it with me. IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!”.

Should you be a Member of The Real World, and realise that both eventualities are an impossibility, then why should The Bookie Chaps, be subjected to this stomach-turning Guilt Trip, where we are being expected to pay out (by Punters with Angry Entitlement etched all over their faces), on not only the 50/1 winner, but ALSO the odds-on Fav that finished second?


Over and out, B x ​