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BEN’S BLOG: ‘Happy Birthday, John Francome’

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] always look at the Birthdays column in the Racing Post. I don’t know why, Blog, but it’s become a habit. The Game moves on, and I suppose, it’s just a daily reminder of who’s moving on with it.

John Francome is 65 today. There you go.

Let’s have a look at his CV:

  • Could still pull the birds out of the trees
  • Champion Jockey unlimited times
  • Top TV presenter
  • Published writer (and fiction, which is much harder to write)

Well, I’d say, Blog, that it all appears to have gone to plan. But the thing that I always like about “Francome”, is that he’s managed all of the above, retaining good humour, being down-to-earth, saying it how it is, and thankfully, NEVER, turning himself into yet another tiring Establishment Dick. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THE HIGH-ACHIEVER.

In other news:

Daisy Green, 20 Seymour Street, Marble Arch, W1H 7HX WEB SITE. Fancy a good breakfast, but without having to remortgage yourself to pay the bill at The Dorchester? Well, you should be heading straight for Daisy Green, as it’s the best I’ve had in London. Faultless actually. Smoothies (NAP). Smoked Salmon (NB). Remember to book. A pure 10.

Over and out, B x