AUTHOR: Star Sports Content

BEN’S BLOG: ‘Harry Macadam: Spreading the good word with Castlebet’

20. Potless. Lost. Clueless. And in desperate need of a move. As was Harry ‘The Giraffe’ Macadam. We met at a friend’s social event and formed a great friendship that will last the rest of our lives.

We set sail, with the noble mandate, to become wildly wealthy, as Punters backing every winner and as Bookies taking on every high-roller. To travel the world, doing business deals, from a yacht laden with uber-babes (all by the age of 30). Blessed with some of the most shrewd mentors in the betting-world, who doled out correct advice, that we chose to ignore as being an inconvenience to our hopes and dreams. Oh yes, Blog. We KNEW MORE. Step aside; THE BIG-TIMERS WERE COMING THROUGH.

Mistakes were made. Quickly, the ruthless Punters & Staff circled. IT DIDN’T GO ACCORDING TO PLAN.

Nearly 20 years later; no yachts were purchased, the hareem never turned up, and the billions seem to have landed in someone else’s bank-account. BUT the hustle never ends, and Harry has found himself in Zambia, opening a couple of betting-shops, and now launching SPREADING THE GOOD WORD.

Harry, so many of your friends, allies and associates back in Blighty, who you have helped and supported along your way, are funking you on. We hold you in the highest of regard. But now is YOUR time. Make this post A BIG, BIG WINNING ONE.

Over and out, B x