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BEN’S BLOG: “Hi Blog, How are you doing, up there, on your high-horse?”


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat have the following politicians all got in common: JFK, John Prescott, John Major, and Bill Clinton‎? 1) They all enjoyed naughty sex-lives. 2) They also all enjoyed successful political careers.

I agree that many, many women should be offended by Donald Trump’s “locker-room chat”. But, ladies, there are tens of millions of men in this world, and although talk of “grabbing pussies”, is too strong, we all operate along similar, but hopefully more tactful, parameters. Remember also; he was completely stitched-up, and egged-on, by the young-bucks around him.

The Don will rub you up the wrong way. And he’ll get involved (on an hourly basis). BUT, this is a GENUINE man, of responsibility. Millions will vote for him, because he is not a sterile modernist. Oh okay, so you’d rather sell the chance, of future generations, standing on their own two feet, and running their own businesses? Yes, yes; that’s EXACTLY, what you’ll be doing; if you Vote Hillary. The husband was the back-show. She will GIVE the world; to the Corporate People.

Just because you don’t like Trump, IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO LIKE CLINTON.

Over and out, B x