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BEN’S BLOG: Holborn Lido

Blog, stop everything! Grab your trunks and towel, and a good book, slap on some sun-cream, and get yourself down to Holborn Lido.

When I were a lad, it seemed like there were so many great lidos around. I grew up (of sorts), until the age of eight, in Woking, and there was a fabulous outdoor lido there, complete with huge diving boards, that I used to hang out at. Since then, so many of these beautiful, often Art-Deco style, swimming-baths have closed, which really is such a loss to many communities.

However, if you Google ‘Lidos’ in your area, you will be AMAZED where they are tucked away. For instance, Brighton locals will know all about Saltdean Lido, but there is also a freshwater one in Lewes…now, I bet you didn’t know that, did you, Blog?! There are also Lidos in Brixton, Charlton, and Tooting Bec.

Today, though, as an excuse to see Belindabelle in her stunning new bikini, I dragged her off to Holborn. ‘Holborn?!’ I hear you cry, Blog. Yes! But where?! Endell Street. What do you mean, Endell Street, that’s between Covent Garden and the City, there’s no room for a Lido there?! Oh yes there is, Blog!

Surrounded by office blocks and residential flats, you will find this little oasis of fun, that thank god, has not YET been knocked down to build a head-quarters for yet another god-awful corporate internet-company. Open all year round, very pleasantly heated, with two huge babe clad sun-bathing areas, is this cracking little character-crammed outdoor pool. We went there today, whiled away a couple of hours without even realising it, reading by the pool and then sidling off for the odd dip, and it was a very enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.

Oh, there’s a cafe too, that serves up ice-cream, AND bacon and sausage sarnies. Need is say more, Blog?

In other news:

This blog wishes both Peter Burrell and Margaret Peddel happy 50th birthdays.

Margaret is one half of GMS, a consultancy that helps with Star Bingo and Star Spreads. We have to have lots of Skype meetings to discuss, at length, many different boring related issues. The highlight though, is seeing Margaret’s gorgeous face! Happy 50th Margot, and don’t worry, you’re still a babe!!

Peter Burrell officially heads up the social-climbing department at Star Sports. He introduces us to lots of his wealthy clients and associates, who also like a bet. Last night, myself and Belindabelle tootled off to his incredible mansion in Surrey, for a group-socialising party extraordinaire..! It was fantastic! Not least, because we got there early and I managed to eat about four million of the delicious canapes that were served up. Happy Birthday, Pete!

C U l8a alig8as, B x